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About Us

To measurably expand our footprint year-on-year in the home improvement arena. And be known for excellence in Client Services. To strive for the highest levels of cost-effectiveness, quality, reliability, flexibility and be a credible distinguished home improvement and maintenance service organization.

 To provide high quality work at a reasonable profit margin.
 To create job opportunities in our areas of activity.
 To make a contribution to the development and uplift of the South African community.
 To maintain high ethical business practices at all times.

 Underpinning its commitment to maximizing stakeholder value by optimizing operational efficiencies and creating wealth, in a responsible and sustainable way MHI subscribes to the following values :-
 Upholding the principles of integrity and professional business ethics.
 Pursuing the values of good corporate citizenship in the community and environment in which we carry out our business.
 Adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance to protect our customers, suppliers and employees.
 Believing in the culture of developing and retaining talent and to recognize the diversity of our workforce by preaching tolerance in the workplace.
 Our employees are groomed and equipped with the right skills which empower them to utilize those skills. 

MHI sees a great potential in the home improvement and maintenance industry. We provide solutions which are appropriate and each solution is fit for purpose.
We endeavor to decrease our discharge into the environment by utilizing state of the art waste disposal methods and use of environmentally friendly equipment

To tap into this, potential the company will strongly focus on its core primary objectives, namely:

 Strengthening and growing its position as a significant role player in the home Improvement sector by using quality materials in delivering our service
 Developing and retaining advanced business competences through continuous improvement initiatives and adding value to your home.
 Striving to be in line with technological innovations in the industry and utilization of current methods in the maintenance and home improvement field 

We value our clients and are committed to developing them. We always strive to provide satisfactory working conditions and to ensure that we adhere to the work ethics as prescribed by the Labour Laws and the Constitution of South Africa.
As a responsible citizen MHI commits to address and correct historical imbalances by hiring competent individuals within our communities with great emphasis on previously disadvantaged individuals 

We pursue and maintain quality and reliability for all our services. This is achieved through updated quality management methods and continuously monitoring our business processes to ensure that they conform to international home improvement standards. We benchmark our service offering against industry leaders and challenge ourselves to surpass client’s expectations

Our strategy allows us to identify specialists in the field of home improvement and to form symbiotic partnerships with them, in order to ensure best results, practices and services to our clients. The partnerships we have with major suppliers allow us to interpret the brief given by our clients, so that their specific needs are catered for.

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